Last Updated: May 27, 2019

Mitel Review

Table of Contents:
A. Introduction
B. Features
C. Integrations
D. Customer Service
E. Pros and Cons
F. Conclusion

A. Introduction:

When you are trying to run a company, you have to do your best not to be left behind in the rat race. The competition is constantly on the rise, and you cannot afford to be outdated. Technology is an integral part of every major business function today, and you need to use it to the best of its potential. New technological breakthroughs are stunning the world every day, and you should be aiming to be a part of them.

Traditional phones lines might seem like the easier option to go for as you are already familiar with the mechanism, but it is definitely not the wisest. These phones are difficult to set up and prove to be high-maintenance in the long run. You want something that will give you exceptional service while being cost-effective at the same time.
Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP will completely transform your business dynamics. This particular technology was built to make communication more accessible by connecting all the systems through a central location. The process takes place over the Internet which means that you will be able to save a significant amount of money. VoIP will prove to be a boon if you have a business that has multiple locations because it will connect all their phone systems without allowing the geographical distance to act as an obstacle. The system takes the digital data and compresses it so that it can be changed into IP packets and transmitted through a packet-switched network.

The best thing about VoIP is that you will not need to invest in separate equipment for all your offices. You might have to subscribe to phone services, but you will not have to use the corresponding phone equipment. VoIP keeps all your offices connected so that you are able to monitor everything from the central database. VoIp helps employees communicate with each other, and that is the first step to a better future. Having VoIP also proves to be useful for clients because it makes the process of getting in touch with you less tedious for them.

If you are worried that a VoIP system will take a lot of time to set up, then you can rest assured because it is straightforward to install. The system will run smoothly as long as each phone is plugged into the VoIP network. From an administrative point of view, having a VoIP will give you better control over your employees’ communication and consequently their productivity. You will be able to alter system settings individually or of the system as a whole.
Since VoIP is cloud-based, it has absolutely no storage issues.

About Mitel:

If you are considering a VoIP system for your business, then Mitel is one of the topmost providers you need to consider. They have been an essential part of this industry for 45 years, and have become a pioneer in this field. 70 million business users across 100 countries have decided to put their faith in Mitel. The company aims to help you manage your business by offering flexible services.

B. Features:

Very few VoIP providers have as much to offer as Mitel does.

1. Fair pricing:

When it comes to Mitel, you do not have to worry about being deceived in any way. The Mitel MiCloud and their on-premise services are priced differently. The latter will require you to pay one-time upfront fees while the former will ask a monthly and per-user rate. When it comes to Mitel MiCloud, you can choose among three service plans:

• The Essential plan will cost you 30 dollars a month for each user. You will have to pay extra fees for some special tools and integration features.
• The Premier plan is priced at 37 dollars per user every month. You will be able to access almost all the tools offered by Mitel which is a huge benefit.
• The Elite plan is the costliest plan, and hence it comes with the maximum number of features

With Mitel, you will need to sign up for one of their yearly plans. They have yearly contracts which you need to opt for either one year or three years.

You will be delighted to know that all the Mitel MiCloud plans come with a set of standard features like unlimited calling, online administration, voicemail and instant messaging.

2. Collaboration tools:

Nothing can be better than your employees communicating with each other freely irrespective of their scattered geographical locations. The Mitel VoIP system wants to ensure that all workers have the freedom of communication so they can coordinate their efforts easily. It offers many essential collaboration tools like audio conferencing, video chat, desktop sharing and instant messaging.

Not only will they be able to contact everyone within the company via audio and video, but they will also be able to share their devices so that it becomes easier to track overall progress. You will be able to track everything from the control centre.

3. Administrative tools:

You should not forget that you are the one in charge of your company which is why the VoIP ensures that you have sufficient administrative privileges. You will not be able to give your very best to your business unless you know everything that is going on. You will be able to handle call permissions and feature permissions. Doing this ensures that you miss nothing when it comes to communication within the company. Moreover, you will be in charge of assigning extensions and account codes so that your employees have a unique identity in the VoIP system.

4. App:

Mitel has joined the bandwagon when it comes to creating apps to get things done. Everyone carries smartphones today, and Mitel has decided to harness that to their advantage. They have designed an app for both Android and iOS mobile phones which will allow employees to be at work even when they are not physically at work. The app will let employees make and receive calls via their business line remotely. They will also be able to conduct conference calls using just the app. It is even supposed to play voicemail. Moreover, it comes with a softphone that connects the phone to the computer.
5. Phone system:
Mitel does not disappoint as a primary telecommunication system. It is loaded with calling features that will make your life easier. If you have a business in multiple locations, then you will appreciate the effectiveness of VoIP in managing the constant calls. Some of the features include:

• Unlimited calling
• Call transfer
• Speed dial
• Call waiting
• Music on hold
• Call blocking
• Group Paging
• Intercoms
• Voicemail-to-email
• Call screening
• Auto-attendants
• Message waiting notifications
• Ringtone personalization
• Call forward
• Caller ID

Mitel makes sure that you do not lack all the basic phone requirements for your daily business to accommodate advanced features.

6. Contact centre features:

The set of contact centre features and tools offered by Mitel is particularly impressive. It includes:

• Universal queuing
• Call recording
• Automatic speech recognition
• Enterprise resource matching
• Optimized call routing
• Prerecorded announcements
• Customer callbacks
• Integration of email, voicemail and web chat
• Silent monitoring

Along with these, Mitel also has a hot desk feature that allows contact centres to log in from any computer or phone. It also gives detailed accounts of interactions in the queue. The software comes with IVRs which enables to collect customer information and communication data digitally.

7. Contact centre dashboard:

Mitel lets you be in charge of all communication in the most real sense of the term. The contact centre dashboard is equipped to record everything so that you do not miss out on even a minute. It will give you a real-time view of the performance of the call centre which will help you understand what is working in your favour and what is not.
Moreover, the dashboard will also provide alerts for critical situations. You will be able to monitor how your agents are training or working. The dashboard will allow you to check all media types via just one interface. A VoIP system will hence help you create a better schedule for your employees.

8. Analytical tools:

The best way to improve is to take your data and perform a trend analysis on it. The system will record all the communication data in real time so that the analytical tools can then create the necessary reports. You will be able to check advanced statistics on all calling activities without even having to hire a database programmer.
You can choose the interval at which you want your reports. They will be mailed to you automatically. These reports also play a crucial role in performance evaluations and allow you to separate the best from the mediocre.

9. Outbound campaigns:

Mitel will let you to run outbound campaigns with the help of the VoIP system. You will be able to use the outbound dialer to collect data and conduct customer follow-throughs. If you have specific business goals, then you can design a campaign to achieve just that.
10. Conference Calling:

It often happens that employees’ step on each other’s toes and are unable to work well together because of miscommunication. The conference calling service integrated with Mitel’s phone system will help you bridge that gap. The different plans accommodate a different number of callers in the feature, but all of them will allow you to place conference calls.

C. Integrations:

There is no reason why you should think Mitel only works alone. You will be able to use it in collaboration with third-party software’s to get the most of out of your VoIP services. Two is better than one right? The only thing that you need to be careful about is that Mitel is not compatible with all the softwares on the market. You will be able to integrate Mitel with the following:

1. Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management service that is compatible with Mitel. It is considered to be one of the best programs available in the CRM market right now which means that you will be collaborating with the expert.
2. NetSuite CRM will also give you similar services, helping you to take your business to the next level.
3. Zendesk is a software that will improve the performance of the call centre associated with your system.
4. Zoho will provide you with some productivity tools that will help your employees perform better on a day to day basis.
5. Office 365 can be integrated with Mitel, and that is a blessing because who does not need office tools!
6. Microsoft Dynamics is a famous enterprise management software and can be easily integrated with Mitel.
7. Net Suite offers some programmes that you can combine with your Mitel VoIP. It is a cloud computing company that is used by companies all over the world.
8. is meant to ease the communication between customers and employees.

D. Customer Service

One of the hallmarks of a great VoIP service provider is excellent customer support. Companies need to understand that users and clients can have questions and queries at any point in the day, and they deserve to get prompt answers.
Mitel meets the criteria because the company takes customer service very seriously. When you place a call to them, you will find that there is no waiting time involved. A company representative will answer your call and ask about your query. You have to give them the specifics about what you want to know so they can inform a specialist of the same. Usually, they are unable to provide you with an immediate solution and ask you to wait for the specialists’ call. At this point, you might feel a little sidelined but do not worry because the specialists take no time in getting back to you with the necessary information.
They try to be as friendly and helpful as possible. You do not have to poke them to get details because they are very free with the way they give out the information. By the time you get off the call, you will feel like you have understood how the system works which had been your purpose in the first place. If you still do not feel comfortable, you can call them back anytime and inquire about other things. All the calls are followed by emails which state more information about the company and it’s VoIP services so that you are well-informed about the subject.

Another reason why Mitel stands out is that they are frank about their price quotes. They do not try to sugarcoat information or attempt to deceive you into making the wrong choice. They calculate and give you the best price quote like an advisor, and not as a salesman.

You can access Mitel via phone 24 hours a day throughout the week, Monday to Sunday. They also reply to emails promptly.

. Pros and Cons:

Like every other software, Mitel comes with a set of pros and cons that you need to take into account.
• Mitel offers the most flexible VoIP programs in the market. Their communication solutions are innovative and advanced which means that your company will be up to date with the latest technologies.
• Their cloud-based infrastructure is excellent. Moreover, the on-premises facilities they offer works in tandem with the online system.
• Mitel has come up with a variety of plans so that users can choose the one that suits their needs the best. All the solutions offer access to the primary features of the software which is an excellent thing because you will not have to pay for any extra features that you select.
• There are no hidden costs that you will discover when you are halfway into the process of hiring them. They include the price of the hardware in the quoted price in most cases.
• Mitel offers excellent customer service, and their team gives fast responses whenever you ask them a question.
• You will be able to choose from an exclusive inventory of phones that comes with loads of features.
• The Mitel VoIP system is surprisingly easy to set up. You will not need to devote the entire IT team to make sure that it is running.
• You might be disappointed if you visit Mitel’s website because they do not offer a lot of information there. Moreover, the website is somewhat difficult to navigate. The lack of user guides and FAQs can be a problem for some.
• Another thing is that it is not easy to find the company’s accreditation status in the Better Business Bureau.

F. Conclusion:

Mitel has been gathering experience in the field of telecommunication for 45 years. They have skilled professionals who are continually trying to perfect their services. If you have a large business, you can trust Mitel with your VoIP system. They are not new to this field, and you can rely on the stellar reputation they have been building over the last few decades. You can choose to hire Mitel even if you have a medium-sized business and you do not want to settle for any service but the best.
A VoIP system from Mitel will benefit you in the following ways:

1. The VoIP system operates over the Internet and through the Cloud. You will not need a ton of equipment or traditional phones to make the system work. You will be able to skip out on the installation costs. Altogether, these savings will make a difference in the long run. Being cost-effective does not hurt.

2. If there is one thing that Mitel does not do, that is being contented with being mediocre. They are innovating solutions and trying to come up with better updates all the time so that you get the best services possible. You will not feel like Mitel weighs you down because the company’s representatives will care of the maintenance and upgrades.

3. You will be able to choose between hybrid and on-premise services when you hire Mitel for your VoIP services. You will find that the cloud, the on-premise services, and the mixture are not rigid. You will have space to experiment and figure out the best combination for yourself.

Are you convinced about trying out Mitel for yourself? Contact them if you have any question whatsoever!
Mitel is undoubtedly one of the best companies to hire if you want a good VoIP system running in your business. Not only are they extremely professional, but they also try to make the customer experience as smooth as possible which is always a good sign. When you hire Mitel, you can rest assured that the company is trying their best to help you get the most out of your VoIP system.
One of the reasons why Mitel has become so popular is that it provides excellent contact centre services even though the system is Cloud-based. You will primarily be having the best of both worlds. Mitel is a famous company among professionals because it allows flexibility. You will be able to have a setup that suits your business needs the best. Not only will you be able to restrict the system to the Cloud in the form of an on-premises unit, or you could opt for a hybrid.
If you want to choose Mitel, then you will have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a good plan. There are a variety of options, and they cater to different budgets and requirements. You will be able to get the best deal for your business because Mitel tries to keep all its prices competitive and reasonable.

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