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    Hosted VoIP Phone Systems: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2019

    A hosted VoIP service costs significantly less than traditional landline phone systems. It also provides great call quality, flexibility of services and the many useful features that are available with a traditional PBX, such as call forwarding, call groups and voice mail.

    Hosted VoIP is easy to obtain once business owners know basic facts about their phone needs, such as the number of base phone numbers and extensions they need. A business owner then buys the desired number of phones and connects them to existing Internet connections. The phones should then produce a dial tone. A nontechnical user can then modify the phone settings via the Web-based portal.

    Top Benefits of Hosted VoIP Phone Systems

    Hosted VoIP phone systems are most beneficial for SMBs, which typically have very limited resources, including time, money and personnel. The right configuration of a VoIP phone system also saves an SMB money and time. A VoIP system also allows a business to automatically route calls, seamlessly integrate temporary employees and take calls from any phone.

    Save Money

    A hosted VoIP system can provide a savings of up to 60 percent compared to the cost of POTS, which can be as much as $20 per user. Business owners also eliminate the cost of maintaining the PBX, which is especially beneficial for businesses without an onsite technical staff.

    Save Time

    Many VoIP phone systems offer a voice mail forwarding service that converts voice mail messages into sound files, which it can send to you as an attachment on an email message. Some systems also provide a voice mail transcription service that transcribes voice mail messages into text messages, which it then sends as email messages to your inbox. Such a system can save up to 300 hours per year, since most people can read much faster than they can talk.


    A hosted VoIP system provides customers with a positive phone experience with services such as auto-attendant, which automatically transfers callers to an extension without the need for a receptionist. Auto-attendants typically provide a menu system that allows a caller to reach an extension by pressing a button, which may also include an option for reaching a live operator. Modern auto-attendants frequently include additional services common to interactive voice-response systems, such as the ability to route calls to VoIP virtual phones.

    Answer Calls on Any Device

    A hosted VoIP system allows its users to take calls any time, on any device, and from any location. This capability lets employees take their offices with them, wherever they go.

    Selecting a hosted VoIP phone service is an important decision for your business. Let us help you make a well-informed, and cost-effective decision.